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sale - the general exercise of selling; "they tried out to boost gross sales"; "legislation limit the sale of handguns"

football matches usually sell out ahead of time → en los partidos de fútbol a menudo se venden todas las entradas antes del partido

one. To agreement for the sale of securities or commodities one particular expects to personal in a afterwards date and at more beneficial terms.

two. to be all offered. The next-hand documents sold out within just minutes from the sale starting off. uitverkoop يُباع свършвам esgotar vyprodat se ausverkauft sein blive udsolgt πουλιέμαι μέχρι τέλους agotar (müügilt) otsa lõppema همه به فروش رسيدن olla loppuunmyyty être épuisé לִמכּוֹר אֶת כָּל הַמלָאִי समूचा बिक जाना biti rasprodan mindent elad semua klárast esaurirsi 売り切れる 매진되다 būti išparduotam tikt pilnībā izpārdotam habis terjual uitverkocht zijn bli utsolgt تول خرڅول esgotar a fi epuizat/ vândut быть распроданным vypredať sa biti razprodan rasprodati se sälja ut (slut på) ขายหมด hepsi satılmak 銷售一空 розійтися تمام فروخت ہو جانا được bán hết 卖光

Should you have a business, or simply just would like to run your eBay existence like one particular, We have potent applications to assist you to deal with your stock and orders, observe your revenue and build your model.

4. to bring about to be offered. Packaging sells an item. verkoop, assistance verkoop يُسَبِّب البَيْع лансирам (се) vender prodávat einen guten Absatz sichern sælge πουλώ, βοηθώ στις πωλήσεις hacer vender müüdavaks tegema به معرض فروش گذاشتن myydä faire vendre לִמכּוֹר बेचने के प्रस्तुत करना prodavati megnyer, elfogadtat melariskan selja significantly vendere 売行きを促進する 팔리게 하다 reklamuoti reklamēt melakukan de verkoop bevorderen selge, fileå solgt sprzedawać د خرڅلاو دپاره site link كيښودنه vender a face să se vândă показывать товар лицом predávať prodajati prodavati sälja ทำให้ขายได้ sattırmak 有助於銷售 сприяти продажу; рекламувати فروخت کا سبب bán được 使...畅销

two. a betrayal. The gang realized it was a sell-out and tried using to flee. verraad خِيانَه предателство traição zrada der Verrat forræderi προδοσίαtraición, engaño pettus آدم فروشي petos trahison לִבגוֹד गद्दारी izdaja, prevara árulás pengkhianatan svik tradimento 裏切り 배신 išdavystė nodevība pengkhianatan verraadforræderizdrada غولو نه ، ‏‏خيانت traição trădare измена zrada izdaja izdaja fileörräderi, svek ทรยศ ihanet 出賣 зрада دھوکا sự phản bội 背叛

one. (often with of) to sell all of something. We sold out our overall stock. verkoop يبيعُ كُل ما لَدَيْهِ، يُنَفِّق разпродавам vender tudo vyprodat ausverkaufen sælge ud; realisere πουλώ όλο το εμπόρευμά μου liquidar ära müüma همه موجودي را به فروش click this link رساندن myydä loppuun liquider מְכִירַת חִיסוּל समूचा बेच देना prodati sve kiárusít menjual habis selja allt upp; losa sig við vendere 売り切る 정리하다 išparduoti izpārdot (visu) menjual habis uitverkopenselge ut wyprzedać cały zapas !

The survivors of the airplane crash are forced to work with each other to be able to survive on a seemingly deserted tropical island.

Never sell your self shorter. Tell them about Whatever you've attained → Ne soyez pas trop modeste. Parlez-leur de vos réussites.

To generally be bought like description a retail item by a purchaser: The clothes are in the store, but they are not selling by.

be - have the standard of staying; (copula, utilised with the adjective or perhaps a predicate noun); "John is rich"; "It's not a good respond to"

000 verkauft; what are they selling at or for? → wie viel kosten sie?; The concept didn’t sell (fig) → die Idee kam nicht an, die Idee fand keinen Anklang

(= advertise the sale of) → zugkräftig machen, einen guten Absatz verschaffen (+dat); you'll need advertising to sell your products → Sie müssen werben, um Ihr Produkt zu verkaufen or abzusetzen; practically nothing will sell this product or service, it’s so negative → das Produkt ist so schlecht, dass es sich nicht verkaufen or an den Mann bringen (inf) → lässt; she finished up selling toothpaste on television → sie warb schließlich im Fernsehen für Zahnpasta

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